Disaster - Aiding the Injured

Administer first aid and seek medical attention for any injured person following a disaster.

One of the first questions an Emergency Services professional asks when arriving upon a traumatic event is "is the scene safe?". You should not enter an area without ensuring your personal safety first. If you must enter the scene where it is high risk make sure you weigh the "Risk vs Benefit Factor". Is it worth the risk to you personally for the potential benefit of the injured or trapped.
  • Check for injuries. 
  • Do not attempt to move seriously injured persons unless they are in immediate danger of death or further injury. If you must move an unconscious person, first stabilize the neck and back, then call for help immediately.
  • If the victim is not breathing, carefully position the victim for artificial respiration, clear the airway and commence mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
  • Maintain body temperature with blankets. Be sure the victim does not become overheated.
  • Never try to feed liquids to an unconscious person.